Fall 2013

CSCI-B 669 Sublinear Algorithms for Big Data (Zhang)
CSCI-B 501 Theory of Computing (Gucht)
CSCI-B 503 Algorithms Design and Analysis (Purdom)
CSCI-B 609 Topics in Algorithms & Computing Theory (Sahinalp)

Spring 2013

CSCI-B 609 Combinatorics (Haghverdi)

Spring 2012

CSCI-B 501 Theory of Computation
CSCI-B 502 Computational Complexity
CSCI-B 522 Programming Language Foundations
CSCI-A 595 Fundamentals of Computing Theory
CSCI-B 669 Foundations of Databases
Math M584 Recursion Theory
COGS Q520 Math and Logic for Cognitive Science

Fall 2011

CSCI-B 501 Theory of Computing
CSCI-B 609 Cryptography
CSCI-B 619 Topics in Applied Logic, Software Verification and Logics of Programs
CSCI-B 659 Information Theory and Inference

Spring 2011

CSCI-B 522 Foundations of Programming Languages